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Life and Thoughts of Babasaheb

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar is one of the most celebrated polymaths of twentieth century. He was a thinker, activist and social scientist who dedicated his life for the emanicipation of Dalit cause.He was a democrat , who fought an ideological and people's movement to reform Indian democracy. He defined democracy as the rule of political majority , not absolute or communal majority. A democracy is ill-functioning if the decision making process is devoid of proactive involvement of political minority. This formed the ideological basis of Ambedkarite thought of uprooting the caste reinforced social equilibrium. Reading Ambedkarite thought in Indian context, communal minority are dalits, tribals and religious minority. Ambedkar's reformist activism seeked to bring voices,fears and aspirations of communal minority in law making process of democracy. Ambedkar fought his reforms in three fronts - social, educational and political.
Social Reforms : organize
Ambedkar believed that politica…