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A Dive into Seasons: Multi colored Autumn

After the rain patters the fields , the drowsy sun awakes from his deep slumber. He peeps into the land through the creaks of cloud flocks.  Awaiting him, lies endless plain sky, fleece of clouds emptying  themselves, giving sun his chance to gleam on his land. Finding open endless sky, promiscuous sun romances the trees, roads and sky. The white sky was his favorite. She was dungeoned by the warriors from the Oceans (monsoon). Sun had lost the battles, but won the war, sending them back to the oceans. When they romance, they blind the world, by calling angels of sky , the seven maids of her. They let loose their robe ends and stand showing their bosom curves.  Drugged by the beauty of the angels, their romance always remains unseen, uncaught by any light. A sight of the mighty sun shall send away the angels to unknown lands. Humans call them rainbow. They came whenever sun won his battles and visited their mistress. Once the king returns winning the war, it will be their last breath…