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Im the god, Im the free man , Im the new world

Im not a Hindu, not a Muslim and not a Christian. Im The Great Indian  middle class. I am the 99% .. I am the slave of the bondages of love, respect and pride.
Marx said you have to lose nothing to lose but chains. But i live for these chains. But beyond the chain lies what everyone calls a dream. I could the see the faint rays emanating miles away. Convincing myself, those rays are for someone else, although i know its a non sequitur. I want to run away from this rat race, but 'Run Arjun Run' usage wont have a beautiful BGM and happy ending.

They call it an economic crisis. They call it a psychological crisis. They call it social and what-else-it-can-be crisis. What and all you call it, its not just a product of social and economic inequality prevailing across the country. Its the result of stagnation, to be precise Philosophical Stagnation. We have been bred in a philosophy silted by tonnes of idiocracies over millenia. The philosophy lost its soul long ago. There was a spr…

Twist within my destiny

After my JEE counseling and seat allotment, internet told me its IIT Bhubaneswar where my destiny lies. With high hopes, i set out for the city of Bhubaneswar.  A city relatively unknown to me. A city with no acquaintances and relatives.A city unknown, language unknown, culture unknown. To be frank, i landed up here as a complete alien. The only thing what i had with me was my admission letter and broken Hindi. The story begins here. Transformation rather evolution .
I would like to give a a small rewind to my childhood.I would like to break into three parts..Born to a hardcore leftist family, i grew up hearing ballads of communist heroics.Thats the political part. The next part is the foody part. Back home, a week's diet had a wide range of delicacies. From prawns, fish, beef, chicken, vegetables....well that's a long list. Vegetables and fish have a really long sub lists within them. And the best part, at least for me, was the coconut oil that gave aroma and fla…