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A Dive into Seasons: Multi colored Autumn

After the rain patters the fields , the drowsy sun awakes from his deep slumber. He peeps into the land through the creaks of cloud flocks.  Awaiting him, lies endless plain sky, fleece of clouds emptying  themselves, giving sun his chance to gleam on his land. Finding open endless sky, promiscuous sun romances the trees, roads and sky. The white sky was his favorite. She was dungeoned by the warriors from the Oceans (monsoon). Sun had lost the battles, but won the war, sending them back to the oceans. When they romance, they blind the world, by calling angels of sky , the seven maids of her. They let loose their robe ends and stand showing their bosom curves.  Drugged by the beauty of the angels, their romance always remains unseen, uncaught by any light. A sight of the mighty sun shall send away the angels to unknown lands. Humans call them rainbow. They came whenever sun won his battles and visited their mistress. Once the king returns winning the war, it will be their last breath…

A Dive into Seasons : Monsoon Diaries

When she arrives, the smell of raw earth streams into my olfactory senses. Whenever  that enticing aroma fills my room, I push back my chair and leap out to catch the wonderful sight of sky. She would have conquered the sky and fenced it with her robes. The robes she wears fluttering all around the sky, even denying sun to peek into the land. She dove into the land awakening the soul within. The soul of the land revelled itself in the return of its soulmate. She ran unclothed snaking across bushes, trees, roads and soil. Small streamlets and our fields brimmed with water.
!! Welcome to monsoon Kerala !!
Every year monsoon arrived in the midst of our vacation. May end. Thanks to KVS (Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan), whenever I got holidays my friends in our place went to schools and vice versa. Change of seasons also changed the game we played. The flooded fields won’t allow ball to bounce , hence eroding our cricket pitch. Thus it was the time of football. Slipping and skimming through th…

Reliving a lost time : a dive into seasons

Sitting in my hostel room , a couple of thousands of kilometres from my home, I always envy my friends who stay in kerala. Locked up in the name of privileged higher education and denied the right to feel the soul of a land lush with monsoon, trees and serenity. Well they say, you have to live it up. Whenever I ponder over  this fate of mine, my beautiful childhood  flashbacks in my mind. It was not just the wonderful days at my most loved KV NAD, but my childhood streaming across a handful of seasons. Those seasons that painted heavens in our playgrounds, school vans and open fields.  Those seasons that filled our air with laughter, joy and fragrance of innocence. Seasons that breezed through grassy fields, monsoon streams , classroom window panes and roof tiles. 

Early 2000s were the times when globalization redrew the landscapes of Indian cities. It was the times when outskirt villages where swallowed into the city. Well, I never knew what was globalization then, except the red p…

!!!!!! Chakyaar Chants !!!!

Well you people may be wondering what is Chakyaar . And why does it chants? What does it have to do with a blog?

Chakyaar Koothu is an ancient and traditional satirical art form of  Kerala. Unlike ‘Kathakali’ and ‘Mohiniyattam’ , Chakyaar Koothu was not an art form of learned and sanskritic pundits. It was performed in common man’s language. And the artist was called Chakyaar.
During the play, Chakyaar could make fun of anyone in the audience cutting across class and caste barriers. There were lot of instances when chakyaar used his humour to expose the king of his own mistakes. Chakyaar was the only one who could remind the king. But his freedom was beneath the cosmetics and make ups. Only when the drums played the music to the art.The freedom was only on the stage. Without these makeups and decorations, he was a common man facing the tyranny of the king.

Here Iam the Chakyaar . I chant. I have the freedom to speak out. But outside this stage, this platform, im under the tyranny. T…

Im the god, Im the free man , Im the new world

Im not a Hindu, not a Muslim and not a Christian. Im The Great Indian  middle class. I am the 99% .. I am the slave of the bondages of love, respect and pride.
Marx said you have to lose nothing to lose but chains. But i live for these chains. But beyond the chain lies what everyone calls a dream. I could the see the faint rays emanating miles away. Convincing myself, those rays are for someone else, although i know its a non sequitur. I want to run away from this rat race, but 'Run Arjun Run' usage wont have a beautiful BGM and happy ending.

They call it an economic crisis. They call it a psychological crisis. They call it social and what-else-it-can-be crisis. What and all you call it, its not just a product of social and economic inequality prevailing across the country. Its the result of stagnation, to be precise Philosophical Stagnation. We have been bred in a philosophy silted by tonnes of idiocracies over millenia. The philosophy lost its soul long ago. There was a spr…

Twist within my destiny

After my JEE counseling and seat allotment, internet told me its IIT Bhubaneswar where my destiny lies. With high hopes, i set out for the city of Bhubaneswar.  A city relatively unknown to me. A city with no acquaintances and relatives.A city unknown, language unknown, culture unknown. To be frank, i landed up here as a complete alien. The only thing what i had with me was my admission letter and broken Hindi. The story begins here. Transformation rather evolution .
I would like to give a a small rewind to my childhood.I would like to break into three parts..Born to a hardcore leftist family, i grew up hearing ballads of communist heroics.Thats the political part. The next part is the foody part. Back home, a week's diet had a wide range of delicacies. From prawns, fish, beef, chicken, vegetables....well that's a long list. Vegetables and fish have a really long sub lists within them. And the best part, at least for me, was the coconut oil that gave aroma and fla…